Discount: Viva Naturals Organic Elderberries, 1 lb Bag – The ULTIMATE Superfruit for Defense Syrups and Longevity Teas

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Viva Naturals Organic Elderberries are the ultimate superfood for immune health, cellular protection, respiratory health and more!

Boost Immune Health - Our elderberries contain a rich source of bioflavonoids, vitamins A and C, among other powerful compounds that support a healthy immune response.

Support Respiratory Health - Dried elderberries are often concentrated into syrups to support healthy lungs all year round. traditionally used during winter months, elderberries can be used all year round to support healthy lungs and respiratory function.

The Viva Naturals Difference
Our elderberries are sourced from European elder, a crop that has been used for centuries for natural healing. European elder is recognized for its unique nutritional profile and is considered to be true elderberry. Once our berries have fully ripened, developing a deep purple hue, they are selectively hand-picked and dried to lower moisture levels- making them safer for use. Certified organic and non-GMO, Viva Naturals’ elderberries pair wonderfully in jams, syrups and teas as a healthy addition to the everyday diet.

  • SUPPORT HEALTHY IMMUNITY – Elderberries have been used for centuries for healing and wellness, offering all-natural support for immune health. Each serving of Viva Naturals Organic Elderberries provides a natural source of vitamin C, beta carotene, powerful compounds and more!
  • PROMOTE CELLULAR BENEFITS – When our berries have fully matured, they are bursting with flavonoids and anthocyanins that defend cells against the effects of oxidation. Vital for respiratory health, youthful looking skin and healthy aging!
  • OFFER CARDIOVASCULAR PROTECTION – Our elderberries contain heart healthy nutrients like phosphorus and potassium, two essential nutrients for vascular health and cardiovascular function.
  • ALL-NATURAL HEALTH REMEDY – Elderberries can be boiled and added to syrups, jams, shakes and spreads as a natural remedy for optimal well-being.
  • Viva Naturals Organic Elderberries are hand harvested from select organic farmers, and are certified non-GMO and kosher.