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By relieving short-term pain, Perform products can help the body to move more freely, which then promotes faster long-term healing and recovery. Cold therapy for pain relief Ð the favored solution for acute pains and injuries. You already know the most common type of Ôcold therapyÕ Ð itÕs ice! Perform Pain Reliever provides the benefits of cold therapy without the hassles and possible side-effects of ice.

  • Perform Pain Reliever may be used up to four times a day – both before exercise or therapy (to ease pain-free movement), and afterwards (to soothe muscle or joint soreness). I
  • Perform Pain Relieving Gel dispensed from a tube affords the opportunity to create a more thorough experience by massaging the affected area during application.
  • Through massage, the user benefits from increased blood flow and warming of the region at the cellular level for better absorption of the Perform Pain Relieving Gel.
  • From the makers of Biofreeze provides gentle penetrating heat to muscles and other soft tissue.
  • No health or herbal products, gels or lotions, may be returned or exchanged once delivered. Product tampering is a serious concern.