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Your digestive system plays a crucial role in your body’s overall health. Maintaining the correct balance of both good and bad bacteria is essential in ensuring that your digestive tract is functioning the best that it can.

There are actually hundreds of different bacterias in the human digestive tract. The good bacteria strains work to aid in digestion, while also working to support the immune system.

Probiotic supplements provide a simple solution to digestive tract health, as they offer a measurable amount of numerous helpful bacteria strains in a convenient pill form.

NutraCura’s Super Probiotic supplement contains 15 different strains of bacteria, with a rating of 30 billion CFU’s (colony-forming units.) The pills are easy to swallow, and are manufactured in the United States.

By taking these pills each day, you can provide a constant stream of helpful bacteria that will fight to keep your system in balance. This offers several benefits, including improved digestive function, prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections, healing of inflammatory conditions such as IBS4, improved processing of foods such as dairy, healing of food-borne illnesses, and even management and prevention of eczema in children.

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  • GET YOUR GUT BACK INTO NORMAL HEALTH with this premium daily supplement. Have antibiotics left your guts in a bad shape? With NutraCura Super Probiotic you have 15 strains of Good Bacteria working to ensure your gut returns to optimal health. This is an AWESOME PROBIOTIC FOR MEN, it’s an AWESOME PROBIOTIC FOR WOMEN!
  • REGULATE YOUR DIGESTION and GAIN RELIEF FROM GAS AND BLOATING. With an army of 30 billion CFUs and our delayed time release formulation you can take control. Your stomach will feel healthier and more settled than ever before.
  • REGULAR BOWEL MOVEMENTS AND ALMOST NO GAS – Say “goodbye” to stomach problems, IBS and ridiculous irregularity ruining your life. You’ll be saying “good buy” when you no longer have to plan your life around the restroom!
  • Are you ready to EXPERIENCE INCREASED ENERGY, BEING MORE FOCUSED AND SLEEPING BETTER? A regulated and controlled immune system will reduce Stress levels and Anxiety bringing Calm To Your Life. Probioticos para Adultos