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Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric is a powerful supplement that supports a normal healthy inflammatory response as well as cellular, heart, and joint health. Most commercially available forms of turmeric are not readily absorbed by the body and require large doses to be effective. NatrolExtra Strength Turmeric features CurcuWIN,a proprietary form of curcumin that increases absorption of curcuminoids 46x over standard curcumin. Additionally Curcumin has demonstrated longer sustained periods of curcuminoid availability at higher levels of concentration. A clinical side-by-side comparison showed Curcumin to be 46x more readily absorbed than other commercial standard and enhanced curcumin products. At just one pill per day Natrol Extra Strength Turmeric delivers exceptional value

  • 46x more absorption than standard curcumin with curcumin; Longer sustained periods of curcuminoid availability
  • Supports a normal healthy inflammatory response; Potent antioxidant protection for cellular health
  • Supports healthy aging and heart health; only one pill per day.