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Kleenex Ultra Facial Tissue

Whether it’s cold and flu season, or the kids are heading back to school, the job of preparing your family is never done. When you want even more softness, Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues are there for you with a little extra TLC. Rely on Kleenex Facial Tissues for gentle care that won’t rub noses raw.

Kleenex Ultra Soft facial tissues stops sneezes in their tracks with thick, absorbent face tissues
Be prepared with Kleenex
Take Kleenex facial tissues wherever you go with our pocket packs and travel packs
In your purse, on the road, or in any room of your house – take Kleenex Facial Tissues with you wher
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Catch a Sneeze in its Tracks

Keep sneezes where they belong – inside your Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues. Thick and absorbent to help keep hands clean, you can rely on Kleenex Facial Tissue for gentle care that keeps the moisture in the facial tissue and off hands.

Keep Kleenex Products on Hand

From the living room to the bathroom, you never know when you’ll need a Kleenex Facial Tissue. Don’t get caught off guard by a sudden spill or sneeze. Spend less to stock up on Kleenex Products using Amazon Subscribe & Save. Take up to 15% off your Kleenex product purchase and schedule automatic shipping on your most frequent purchases. From blowing your nose to everyday necessities, be prepared with a tissue box. Save time and cut out the hassle by having tissues sent directly to your home with Subscribe & Save.

The Right Sized Package for All Occasions and Locations

Whether you’re wiping tears away at a wedding or blowing your nose, Kleenex products have you covered. Our facial tissues come in packaging big and small, to help you stay prepared, no matter the occasion. Buy pocket tissue and wallet tissue packs to stash them anywhere you go. Also look for tissues in our stylish tissue boxes to easily fit into the décor of any room in your house. For delicate skin, purchase the extra soothing softness of Kleenex Tissues with Lotion.

Treat your nose gently with Kleenex Ultra Soft facial tissues with extra softness that won
Stop sneezes in their tracks with thick and absorbent Kleenex Facial Tissues.

Tissue Traits Designed to Encourage Healthy Habits
  • Extra softness to treat your nose gently
  • Sneeze Shield helps to keep moisture in the tissue, not on hands
  • Assorted tissue box designs to accent every room’s décor
  • Cartons made from 100% recycled material

  • Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues are perfect for times when you need a little extra TLC
  • 3-ply ultra soft facial tissue for added soothing
  • Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues tissue box designs are available in a variety of styles and designs to accent every room décor
  • Packaging may vary from image shown