Discount: Glucomannan Pure Powder Capsules – Konjak Root Fiber Appetite Suppressant + Natural Weight Loss Supplement – Constipation Relief – Lowers Cholesterol + Regulates Blood Sugar


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“Glucomannan is nature’s bulk fiber. It is a popular herbal supplement derived from the Konjak root and is used in cooking everything from noodles, to rice, to smoothies. It is ground into a powder or flour and put into capsule form; it easily increases fullness without bloating. Take capsules as directed with a green drink or smoothie to add fiber and bulk to your stomach and make your breakfast last longer. Sometimes called Shiritaki Powder, this natural substance can control your hunger throughout the day. What are all the benefits of Konjak Glucomannan? People use it for: -feeling full -weight loss -stabilizing blood sugar -lowering cholesterol -constipation relief”

  • KONJAK GLUCOMANNAN Weight Loss POWDER: Konjak root fiber can be used in cooking as Glucomannan flour or Glucomannan powder or for weight loss + relieving constipation + regulating blood sugar and cholesterol
  • WEIGHT LOSS: in capsule form, the Glucomannan secret is soluble fiber – Glucomannan powder was named one of the top 12 natural herbal weight loss supplements for men and women
  • APPETITE SUPRESSANT: due to high levels of bulk soluble fiber – Glucomannan from the Konjak Root – also called Shiritaki Powder – will naturally suppress appetite and make you feel full
  • CONSTIPATION RELIEF: Glucomannan pills support digestive health with high levels of soluble fiber to settle the stomach and naturalize the movement of the digestive tract
  • STABILIZE BLOOD SUGAR: you can naturally balance your blood glucose levels with Glucomannan pills – It’s an organic way to keep blood sugar levels healthy and feel stable throughout your day