Discount: Enzymatic Therapy – Vitamin E 400 IU Natural (w/mixed tocopherols) 100 Softgels

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For us, the focus has always been on safety, and relying on proof of product effectiveness. While many of our products have been researched, it is vitally important to us to strike a balance between traditional medicine and modern science-making us a unique dietary supplement company that can offer traditional herbal supplements, as well as those that are backed by science. Our commitment to the industry we helped create has never wavered. As the first major U.S. dietary supplement company to be certified as an organic processor, our relentless pursuit for quality is evident in our product line. We offer an extensive range of health-promoting products that have been carefully scrutinized and tested, all while adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices so that we can guarantee them to exceed expectations.

  • Promotes antioxidant activity and supports heart health
  • Mixed tocopherols for optimal utilization
  • The vitamin E family is made up of different compounds called tocopherols, including alpha, gamma, beta and delta
  •  Our Vitamin E 400 IU formula was developed to give you the full range of  tocopherols necessary to support cardiovascular health.
  • Gluten-Free