Discount: Douglas Laboratories® – Multi-Probiotic Kids – Provides Probiotics and Prebiotics to Support Gut Microflora and Immunity – 2.1 oz. (60 g) Powder


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Multi-Probiotic® Kids formula provides a blend of seven child-friendly flora strains plus NutraFlora® scFOS® prebiotic fiber, suitable for children of all ages. This premier powder formula includes B. Longum BB536, a probiotic strain clinically studied to boost children’s Bifidobacteria, to help maintain a healthy immune response, normal digestion and elimination and support healthy skin. The non-gas forming prebiotic scFOS® promotes healthy microflora growth in the developing intestines.† This easy to mix powder provides a pleasant neutral taste.

  • Provides probiotics and prebiotics to support gut microflora health
  • Promotes gastrointestinal health and immune support
  • Supports digestive system and helps maintain bowel regularity and normal GI function
  • This product contains NO yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, arti cial coloring, arti cial preservatives, arti cial avoring, or genetically modi ed ingredients (GMOs).