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Why Baltic Amber?

Baltic amber contains succinic acid, believed to be a natural pain reliever with healing properties. When worn against the skin, it warms with your body temperature and is said to release small amounts of the substance, which soothes and alleviates some of your baby’s teething pain and discomfort. In fact, baltic amber is said to be soothing for people of all ages, making it a smart purchase for pain relief in general.

Millions of parents swear by this type of alternative medicine, favorited as a means of healing infinitely safer than other forms of teething relief suggested by traditional medicine, which bear the risk of unwanted side effects.

The benefits of Baltic amber include:
• Reduced discomfort, inflammation, and pain, allowing your baby to eat and sleep more peacefully.
• Reduced drooling and resulting rashes on the face.
• No risk of negative side effects – 100% natural!

Why Pretty Baby?

In the making of our amber baby bracelet, we consulted parents and caregivers regarding their likes and dislikes in teething jewelry, in addition to performing market research into the jewelry shoppers are currently purchasing and what they feel it is missing. Our amber comes from northern Europe and has been tested and confirmed as genuine amber in both Europe and the US. Our amber baby teething bracelet comes in a protective pouch with our Certificate of Authenticity.

To keep your baby from tugging at the jewelry, we suggest putting it on as an anklet, with a sock over it!

For The Safety of your Child

Please do not leave you child unsupervised while wearing the jewelry for any length of time.
Additionally, please note the the jewelry is not meant for chewing.

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  • HOW TO WEAR – We strongly encourage parents to first try the jewelry as an anklet tucked into their little ones’ socks. This helps stop the baby from tugging at it, and also ensures that the amber is in constant contact with the skin, maximizing results. Many parents have reported noticing even better results with teething relief when two are worn together. Our amber baby teething anklet/bracelet is approx. 6 inches around.
  • SAFETY – Most amber teething relief jewelry is designed to be worn as a necklace, presenting a huge choking hazard. Our jewelry is meant for the ankle and/or wrist. Putting a sock over it while your baby wears it provides an added layer of security. Additionally, the nylon band is both durable and flexible/stretchy (as demonstrated in the photo); should a baby stretch the anklet, a great deal of give is provided before the band will ever break.
  • AUTHENTICITY – We’ve found countless customer reviews for other amber products reporting that they ended up paying for fake amber. Our amber baby bracelet is checked by both local and overseas gemologists to confirm its authenticity. You will notice its unique scent and how it warms to the touch. Genuine baltic amber can only be found in the baltic region of northern Europe (see map provided in pictures). All bracelets come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • EFFECTIVENESS – Drugs and other store-bought teething relievers are laden with chemicals and introduce unnatural, artificial substances in your baby’s sensitive body. Baltic amber is naturally occurring, fossilized tree resin believed to be a pain reliever with healing properties. It is totally safe and carries no known harmful side effects.
  • HELPS ALLEVIATE – Gum soreness, pain, and discomfort; excessive drooling and the resulting rashes; inflammation/swelling; red cheeks; trouble sleeping and feeding.